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29 January 2008 @ 09:42 pm
All these Third Stage-sent flyers are kind of a waste on me. I don't know 99.9% of the bands, and the 0.01% I do, I don't like them. Wtf, do people sell these? I have dozens from this time and when I bought all that L'Arc stuff from them like two or three years ago. There's no point in keeping them.

And I wonder what Laser Disc players realistically go for? ... Maybe it's cheaper just to get them put on DVD, too. From what I can tell, the average price is about $20 for the first hour of footage and $10 for each additional hour... but I wouldn't want to send them to some online service without knowing where they're really going and so on. Who the hell thought LDs were a good idea? At least the Beta thing, I can understand from a compact POV, but 30cm video discs? ... Well.

Part of my birthday present, hurhur. Maybe not the wisest choice, but... hey.

I forgot The L Word had started up again properly. 4 episodes in one night later, and I am ALREADY NOT PLEASED.

And yet, I love it and am highly entertained despite Jenny's diva attitude (gaaawd she's started to remind me of Emma during her bitchy, holier than thou moments and that just grates on me even more) and... god, just... so many plotlines that I wish had not taken the turns they have.

For some reason, though, whenever I'm watching it I get struck with all kinds of fun non-AU ideas that aren't even ripped from their scripts. I just get inspired. AND THIS SEASON SO FAR ISN'T EVEN IMPRESSIVE. It's funny. Maybe that's why I can stay tuned into it. I can get hooked on things that most people think are lame/stupid/boring/whatever just because I find some redeeming qualities in them.

Funny how I could never stay interested in Queer as Folk, though. I'm still like, "SNOOORE."

Randomly, because I'm hooked on this, I finally managed to get enough of the lyrics out of the intro song to the Zigzo Night live to find out what it was.

Dad will be very proud of me. I'm not crazy about the more noise-focused side of Pink Floyd, but stuff like this I really get into. I can hear the influence in Zigzo something fierce, and it just amuses me that this song is older than at least 3 out of 4 of the members. Possibly even all four, depending on when it was released in '69. It was cute how Ryo and Den had a little rock out session on their respective stage sides while setting up to this.

Great song.

And another great song?

test-No. - glitter chain

I am seriously, seriously hooked on this, and the way Ryo sings it, the breathy, slightly gravelly texture he uses in the chorus, the echo distortion on the guitar, the mellow, smooth bassline... ughhh, I have to listen to it again. I'm so impressed by their eclectic style. Every mini-album is so different, no label can really fit after all. I GUESS THIS IS WHY THEY'RE CALLED TEST-NO. While I'm not that excited about Kaede's drumming, I like it better than Matarou's and I can't help but wonder what it'd sound like if Kaede had done it. Matarou's always reminded me of the tin soldier. TIN TIN TIN. His drumkit should be called Captain Haddock. I'm not going any further into that.

nil have a new mini-album coming out in March, and it made me all happy to see Tetsu having sold out some of his solo gigs. I hope Lion Heads or SOAP will get their asses moving on something... I mean, within reason. I'd like to see something before the end of the year but it would also be unsurprising if Sakura took it easy. It sounded like the Space Filters gig went well, and apparently the dressing room was filled with dirty jokes, so... not too worried.

ETA: AHHH I know where the familiarity is coming from. Ryo plays a similar riff during Tetsu's guitar solo in Kurayamide Sunglass.
Mood: calmcalm
Music: glitter chain : test-No.
;: 「専心」fukakutei on January 30th, 2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
My bassist is huge on Pink Floyd. I actually never got into them (fell asleep ._.) but I like that song up there.

BTW I WILL LISTEN TO THE MUSIC YOU GAVE ME SOMEDAY. I am so lazy when it comes to listening to new things.
TASHmanian devil: den // rollin'robotalarm on January 30th, 2008 08:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, my brother and Dad are huge fans... I never heard anything I liked until that one. It's hot.

fenery: anna1fenery on January 31st, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
I've always wondered who thought LDs were a good idea too XDDD guess thats why they never really caught on here.