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02 February 2008 @ 05:10 am
I'm finally catching up on Harry Potter movies. I hadn't seen The Order of the Phoenix yet, though I probably would have liked to rewatch Goblet of Fire before I got into it. I always seem to forget that book/film existed. But anyway! So far, I'm really digging the rapid, anxious camera angles they keep using. Makes the film feel more mature with the usual dark style of colour effect in tow. It makes me think of The Matrix in how the system colours were green-toned and the real world colours were blue-toned. That's about as much as I have to say so far, beyond the more shallow "DAMN, TONKS' ACTRESS IS A BABE." She's the punk chick from About A Boy, isn't she? I think so. Looks like her, anyway. ... Actually, let me add that the woman playing Umbridge isn't horrible enough. She looks too much like the type who would bake you cookies and give you warm, woolly hugs. Too soft. I always envisioned a super uptight woman with a rod shoved into an uncomfortable place (and not the back of her Volkswagen).

But since I'm still on a tiny nostalgic kick, I was reminded earlier of this version of The Hobbit in talking about the upcoming film. I always thought The Hobbit was more interesting and heartwarming than Lord of the Rings, oddly enough, but then I think Frodo had the same kind of effect on me that Harry Potter does. He drove me up the wall with the emo, and the entitlement issues, and the arrogance and self-absorption. I am trying very hard not to notice that those are traits I've been highly involved with lately in my own writing. SHH. IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE SAID. At least in his case, he's not emo, and the traits are not so highly pronounced.

But speaking of him, and films, and since I'm getting spammed with crack fanart of extreme cute and was reminded! ATTITUDE PRESS CONFERENCE! Oh, I wish it wasn't just a projection. Then I could cap that demon child smile.

... I have no idea what this film's plot really is, though. The more I see of it, the more confusing it gets. The cast is epic beyond words, though (and so is their acting ability AHAHA), and for some reason seeing Pata and Taiji just chilling at the bar makes me want to shop in some cobwebs.

Mood: cheerfulcheerful
;: 「専心」fukakutei on February 2nd, 2008 08:45 pm (UTC)
wtf is this shit. i am SO CONFUSED

Ryo looks like that dude from Heroes. but man, in a suit.... (STILL LOOKS 13) den is just gay. LOOKIT MY SWORD, LOLZ.

WHAT THE FUCK NAKED DUDE DID HE SAY 'I'M GONNA TAKE SHIT!'?! this move doesn't make sense. looks like a bunch of retards being filmed together. HOW APPROPRIATE.
TASHmanian devil: test-no // we are badass.robotalarm on February 3rd, 2008 07:46 am (UTC)

... Sure, Ryo looks like Hiro, if Hiro was an evil demon child. He kinda reminds me of the kid from the Munsters sometimes. AND SHUT UP YOU'RE JEALOUS OF HIS PERPETUAL YOUTH THAT FAILS ONLY WHEN HE DRESSES LIKE A LUMBERJACK.
I bet Den demanded the biggest sword.

... YOU KNOW, I HAVE NO IDEA. It sounded a little like, "I'M GOING TO MAKE A SHIT!!"?
Noisy was on set for at least one day... I dunno if he's in it or not, but he definitely showed up. ... I don't think that helps me to disprove your point, 'cause it's true.

(I still think Morrie should have been in it. He might have won some kind of handicapped Oscar for his performance. ALSO LOL LOOK AT MY ICON CAPTION.)
Ayay: Gold Saint Aphroditerydia_loire on February 3rd, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)
What the hell? I remember Den blabbing about this last year since he posted a picture from it. I want to know what kind of crack they're smoking, cause I want some. And I'm not a druggie.

What's with Kenzi using his "CRAZY DANGER NANCY KEN-chan" name? George of Ladies Room has aged not well. But this movie is just full of win. Old VK super movie with tons of bad acting, what's not to love?
TASHmanian devil: sakura & den // losersrobotalarm on February 3rd, 2008 07:54 am (UTC)
Clearly, they are smoking Astroturf, which was why he was blonde at the time. He would have spent the entire filming process running for his life, or bald, otherwise.

I dunno! Maybe he just wanted a throwback to the past to match up with all the other guys they dragged out of retirement homes for this. But yeah, you're right about George. He's kind of creepy. Shintani's freaking me out, too, but his hair is awesome.
Ayay: Astroturf!rydia_loire on February 3rd, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
Den must of been supplying the Astroturf, or else why would D. Tommy be in the film? They need that one member of Gargoyle in the film so there could a Sister's No Future re-union. XD Unless Ryo's taking that space.

I'm think that Kenzi is using that name since his butt buddies best friends, D. Tommy and Den, are in the film and he has that pretty look going on. I like how Shintani's hair glows.

I just noticed that Taiji and Pata are going to be in this movie. It makes me happy to know that they don't think they are too good to be in a film like this. I remember when I was a rabid X Japan fangirl. XD Completely random but somewhat related, did you know that Yoshiki tried to get Den to be a part of S.K.I.N.?
TASHmanian devil: den & ryo // srsly?robotalarm on February 3rd, 2008 08:59 pm (UTC)
I still want to know who that guy is. He sings better than DT (not that this is a difficult feat or anything, really). But Ryo took it once, he could do it again! Imagining him rapping along with them is easier than it should be.

(I am so ignoring that because auuugh, Kenzi and DT, AUUUUGH XD that's horrible!)

Yeah! There's a lot of good surprises, I hear. I know Noisy was on set for at least one day, so I'm still wondering if he's going to have a cameo or not.

WHAT. NO, SERIOUSLY. WHAT?! Tell me you're joking.
Ayayrydia_loire on February 3rd, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
I think any Oshare kei vocalist could sing better than D. Tommy, but it doesn't take a lot to be a good singer.

(So Kenzi x D. Tommy is bad. But Kenzi x Den not as bad?)

I just hope Hobo/dumpster diver Nao isn't going to be in this film unless he took a shower before filming.

Den posted it on his blog the day after the S.K.I.N. concert and then took it down very quickly since he said not so nice things about Yoshiki. Basically it was "Yoshiki asked me to be in S.K.I.N. to play bass. I thought about it and then I found out who was going to be in the group. And since I had some bad history with Yoshiki, I decided not to take part in the project." with slight bad mouthing. I wonder if it had to do with the whole Sho thing.
TASHmanian devil: den & ryo // model facesrobotalarm on February 5th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
I think any vocalist period could sing better than DT. Even Den sang better than him, and that's saying something.

(... My mind didn't even click with that. Why did you take it there!? I think you're trying to make me cry.)

For once, he probably wouldn't be the dirtiest dude in the place. A couple of them look like they need to be hosed off.

Ahaha! That's FANTASTIC. I can't blame him, though. Probably afraid of being molested by multiple, extremely scary band members.
Ayay: Strawberry Fields Drummerrydia_loire on February 5th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
I like Den's singing. XD

(I'm sorry! Ryo probably wouldn't like it either.)

Maybe there should be a "Who hasn't taken a shower since 1995" contest in that film to find out who need to take the shower the most.

I don't blame Den. I wouldn't want to be in a band with Yoshiki, Gackt, Sugizo, or Miyavi and know about all of the not-so-right things that could happen. Also, is it me or does Sugizo look like he aged really bad since he left Luna Sea? I remember the live pictures from that S.K.I.N. concert and Sugizo looking like an old man.
TASHmanian devil: ryo // >:[robotalarm on February 5th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
I like Den's singing as of test-No. since he's definitely improved (and Ryo, too)... but c'mon, Sister's no Future in general. And Rush!!!. You surely have to laugh at them. They're funny!

(I think he'd want to gag and hide Kenzi inside one of his Pikachu plushies, never to be found again. He's got that diabolical streak in him.)

! Maybe that's why they all gather at the end of the clip. ... Ew, I wouldn't have wanted to be a crew member.

Yeah, he does. But I thought that even when Super Love had just come out, honestly. Gackt looks freakishly plastic, too. Oddly enough, I think Den had the most complimentary face for them. Or at least, for Gackt, Yoshiki and Sugi. Myv is kind of a token super member to pull in the younger fans; he doesn't count for much.
Ayay: Inoran (Luna Sea) and Ryo (By-Sexual)rydia_loire on February 5th, 2008 11:24 pm (UTC)
I forgot about SNF. XD

(That's because Ryo is that awesome and for some reason, I can see him going through with that.)

All they needed to do is just raise an arm and who ever had the worst B.O. wins. But the bad part is I bet someone would died from the stink.

Miyavi doesn't count since he's is much younger than the rest. Ryo and Den both look quite good for their age, especially if you compare them to Yoshiki, Sugizo, and Gackt. But then again, Den hasn't aged since 1992. XD
TASHmanian devil: den // redrobotalarm on February 6th, 2008 11:45 am (UTC)
Long time no see, hey haro!

(Totally. One must never cross Ryo.)

Ewww. XDXD That's cold-blooded murder!

THIS IS SO TRUE. Ryo's still insanely youthful, too. Lucky brats. They must drink the blood of their kouhai or something.
Ayayrydia_loire on February 6th, 2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
XD I was just listening to that song.

(Now I have an idea for a crack fanfic that involves Ryo killing people to protect his precious Den.)

I know, but it's funny to think about. I wonder who would be the person dieing.

Maybe they aren't heavy drinkers or maybe they're vampires. XD I like the last one better. But a vampire Ryo does scare me a bit.
TASHmanian devil: ryo // >:[robotalarm on February 6th, 2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
How are yooo! XD

(Ryo the gardener, with hedgeclippers. The ultimate VK bandman nightmare.)

Can we hope, DT?

Heavy drinkers... of blahhhd! Yeah, cheesy vampire Ryo is totally easy to picture. I actually heard a story the other day about a novel in which a hypnotist turns a deaf girl into a musician, a performer and his personal muse and becomes really controlling, but when she tries to leave she finds she can't perform without him. All I could think of was Ryo in early 1900's clothes with a monocle trying to give damsel Den the evil eye and making crazy spirit fingers at him. Cheesy villain roles seem to suit him quite a bit.
Ayay: Meh Penguin and CDsrydia_loire on February 6th, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
The singing in that song kills me. Did they pick everyone they knew who couldn't sing.

(I just died from laughing again. Now I'm imagining Ryo chasing Kenzi with hedgeclippers. Poor Kenzi.)

I was thinking either D. Tommy or Yoshiki if the stink could reach that far.

When I read that, I though it say early 1990's not early 1900's. XD I'm not thinking today. The image of Den wearing a dress scares me deeply. Very deeply.