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10 February 2008 @ 11:50 pm
An Inconvenient Truth was aptly titled.

I don't have anything particularly profound to say except that films like that are the reason I don't like to talk about stuff like this. I take action in small things that I do, small decisions, little things, as much as I can do, but I'm the kind of person who'll see something like that and I'll end up overthinking it. I will lose sleep over it if it gets in my head. That's why I don't like to talk about it. Not because it doesn't interest me, but because... well, I've always had that problem, ever since I was a kid. I worry. I get easily scared. I feel powerless. That's also why I don't like horror films, or anything particularly gory. Once something is in my head, it's hard to dislodge. I know it probably comes off kind of... short... when I try to say, "no, don't talk about that." But that's why.

Probably shouldn't have watched it before bed! Oops. I made this mistake with 28 Days Later. That one, I couldn't sleep for three days after seeing, and I had nightmares for weeks, and I couldn't stay up late "on my own" or I'd start to freak out over the silence and the darkness and the trees outside my window moving. Overactive imagination.

Instead, I will entertain myself with the fact that there is a new nil picture so I won't have a nasty dream wtf. It worked last time... if I had wanted to dream about Sho and Ryo doing a shopping centre show. (Why do I always dream about shopping centres and schools, seriously? And airports, too. All transient locations. I guess that's it.)

Ahh... skunk Tetsu? I'm not sure what's going on, but I like it better than the last look by a long shot. Cute little spastic. It's hard not to think of him as the young pup, even now when he's 35.

And... what was the other thing... OH YEAH.

GOOD NEWS WEEK WTF?! What a cop-out that is! Desperate Channel Ten bringing it back after ALL THIS TIME! I wonder if they'll keep it long, or just run it for one or two seasons until the strike effects are done with and things are back in progress. ... I want to watch it, though. Haven't had a good dose of Paul and Mikey's excellent rapport in a long time. I'll have to find it... somewhere.

I feel like I put in a full day's work today, and I did practically nothing except being twisted and indulging in a wide variety of hilarity and spam. I suppose this is marriage. How many people have I pledged myself to now, I wonder?! Valentine's Day is gonna be busy, sheesh.
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Music: 超アブナイお薬 : test-No.
umbrellaleaf on February 11th, 2008 10:13 am (UTC)
ahahaha even Paul acknowledges the strike, he just said "tonight, as we urge our striking comrades in America not to go back to work" lol
TASHmanian devil: sakura // win.robotalarm on February 11th, 2008 05:29 pm (UTC)
Paul is so fantastic. Aww, I wanna watch! XDXD

Who're the guests?
umbrellaleaf on February 11th, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
you should be able to find bits on youtube i reckon! it was pretty good, they had a few new segments but kept the old ones too

well apart from mikey and claire hooper (who has replaced julie) they had craig from the chaser, pat cash loll! frank from lano and woodley (i forget whether he is lano or woodley haha) and cal someone who is from radio

the best bit was frank trying to mime this news item about a burglar in new york who stole boxes of teeth whitening strips and had traded them for heroin ahahaha
;: 「“ちょっと一杯♥”」fukakutei on February 11th, 2008 10:48 pm (UTC)

I know what you mean D: movies like that are such a mindfuck, I avoid them even if they're realy interesting and make you think. Kind of like..hmm..what was it, that vague movie with something attacking New York city? I don't know, movies that have a really deep meaning or story, they aren't particularly scary in terms of what you are seeing in teh movie but in reality. Does that make sense? I am pretty sure we think the same way, since we're Aqua-Februarians :x It's said we're infinite thinkers and believe there is a higher purpose for ourselves, in terms of organizations or causes. Or in ways of thinking--changing the world as much we can.