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24 April 2008 @ 08:51 pm
Cat N' Doggie Don'ts, srsly.  
... Sorry about the wangst. I realise it sounds bitter where I'm really not. Just frustrated, and today in particular I was tired, stressed and irritable.

My mood improved a lot after eating and sleeping. And then we dropped the cat off to be clipped, finally. Which was fine. I was a little wary because of how the groomer was treating this dog, but I figured it must have been super disobedient and frustrating to make her yell and hold it so tightly. ... Yeah, you should really pay attention to stuff like that.

We came back to pick her up a few hours later. Number one, they'd only clipped out the knots when we asked for a lion cut and even gave specific instructions THERE. Mum said it, then I said it. Number two, she hadn't had any water for several hours. Number three, bathing is included and she was not bathed, nor had her nails been clipped as requested. The worst part, however.

When I pointed out that she hadn't actually been clipped, the girl behind the counter sheepishly apologised and said "I told them to do it." They took her back, and you can see the clipping room; it opens onto the storefront. Now, our cat is pretty relaxed. She doesn't put up a fight and she'll relax and lie there so long as you're chill. I've seen it been done when her fur has been worse, and she's been fine.

Therefore, there was no call for literally tipping the cage to make her fall out onto the counter, nor for there to be three people holding her down to be clipped. I have never seen her so stressed, or crying so loud. I was livid. As it is, even now, she's sore and uncomfortable, her skin is really irritated and I had to spend a few hours just with her and giving her attention to get her to chill out (while also napping on the couch, oy). I just can't believe how rough they were. With a placid pet! Ugh.

I was sent to this place by recommendation. Seriously, I think even Petco would have been better. The owner talked to us when we dropped her off and was like, "Ohh, someone recommended you! We are one of the cheapest!" ... Yeah, I see why.
Mood: pissed offpissed off