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03 June 2008 @ 05:27 pm
Man, it is horribly awkward. I was hoping I'd be wrong. The live footage is actually really good, though by no means as "on" or as vibrant as others, but Walk and The World Introduction are magnificent as expected, and flow tore my heart out. They're just... quiet in the documentary footage, and there's so much tension.

Live segments aside, at least there was some chatting and joking, but it was definitely a glimpse into the state of things. Having the cameras there, in these moments, was very candid and raw. And brave, in a way. I admire that, being able to show difficult times so openly. There was something really interesting about the end credits. Ryo with the camera, chasing Tetsu as he signed the board, then Den (with a comforting shoulder rub), then finally Sakura, and closing out on a long shot of him just sitting and being. Probably until he was told to turn the camera off and get out of his face, haha. It was... hmm... poignant, going out on that note, that expression. Sakura seemed kind of non-existent throughout the video, unnaturally quiet and serious beyond the constraints of musician mode. Den had a lot of that going on as well.

I wish they'd cut in more of the acoustic in-store live Tetsu and Ryo did. Little things like that are really special. They are so stupid together. It looks like at one point, Tetsu tries to pull a cool move and nearly kicks him in the head, and there's a moment of jamming where they're forehead-to-forehead and Tetsu lunges at him. God, I gotta cap just a few adorable moments like that when the parents are out so there's no background noise issues.

Probably could have lived without seeing how Sakura looks with a big ball of fuzz on his chin, though.

I didn't get the booklet, but it's all good. When I have the cash, I'll wait for another copy that comes with the bonuses and sell this one. Just means I need to get off my ass and finish the collection of scans. About time I finish what I start for once! Just not looking forward to all the shopwork involved.
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Music: Wonderful Day is in my head.