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26 August 2008 @ 02:44 pm
There is nothing more frustrating than dedicating 25 hours to a game only to find that at the swap disc screen, there is no prompt to save and for some reason, it won't read the second disc data on the fly.

I have tried swapping the disc at random intervals, and was thrilled to find the end part of Disc 1 is mostly on Disc 2 but because of the FMV that comes right before being ONLY on Disc 1, it's not like I can ride through that way.

DAMN YOU, LUNAR. DAMN YOU. I'm fresh out of ideas. It's a shame I don't know anyone local with the actual game so I could put that in for only as long as I needed to plant my feet and make a save. Plus, it's so expensive now so it's not like I can say I'll just buy it used off eBay for $10 for the sake of finishing it. This bites.

For the record, I also don't like that at Horseland, they have made the detail page half flash. The part with the images. Hey. (... I had horses in this account? Whoops. Not anymore.)
Mood: annoyedannoyed
Music: Under : Koda Kumi
Mir.: 동방신기 → 최강창민 :: holycrap!antisocialriot on August 26th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
Oh shit! That really fucking sucks. ;o;